Google AdWords Express

Google Adwords Advertising
Let us get your ad displayed to more than 30,000 computer and mobile phone screens in Cyprus by utilizing Google's display network for only €49 plus VAT!

Easy On Line Advertising with Google

Advertising on the web is the answer for getting your message across in an economical and cost effective manner.  We, here at Socialway, want you to try this method of informing your potential customers and offer our Google Adwords Express product, a ground breaking approach in advertising.

Google Adwords Express features:
  • Guaranteed minimum number of impressions per month
  • Target users in Cyprus only or even district wide.
  • Performance report
  • Creation of up to three text ads
  • Fixed cost with no per click charge or other fees
  • Possibility to target by interest, i.e. sports fans or food lovers
  • Appear on Google's vast display network that includes sites relevant to Cyprus consumers. Such placements included in Google's display network include:
Choose the advertising exposure you want:
  • 30,000 impressions for €49 plus VAT
  • 60,000 impressions for €75 plus VAT
  • 90,000 impressions for €99 plus VAT
  • 200,000 impressions for €199 plus VAT

Google Adwords Express