Online Advertising

Online advertising services in Cyprus
  Imagine being able to give your advertising message at the most crucial stages of a customer’s purchase cycle! Further imagine being able to connect with persons that their social profile makes them a potential customer or ideal recipient of your message.  Socialway eServices has the skills and expertise to help you deliver your marketing message efficiently and effectively.  Advertising expense is based solely on performance, making this form of communicating with customers a great value for money.
  Trust Socialway, with its rich e-Marketing experience, get you the results you expect.  We run both pay per click (PPC) and pay per impression campaigns to best fit your needs.

Search Engine Marketing

Google AdWords and Bing Ads  

    Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo offer an exciting way of communicating with prospective customers either specifically in Cyprus or based on their interest in Cyprus based services or products. Google’s AdWords and Bing Ads (ex Microsoft’s Adcenter) are great vehicles for carrying your message to relevant and important audiences. Let us get your message right at the time when information is sought or a purchasing decision over a product or service you offer is about to be made over the internet.
  Find out more about Google's AdWords advertising platform here or look into our entry level, scalable Google AdWords Express program.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising campaigns

  Facebook advertising lets us choose the social profile of your message's recipient and use the members of the community you create as your brand's ambassadors.  Utilize your social power and come even closer to your customers.


Increase brand awareness with online marketing
 Brand identity can also be enhanced by placing advertisements in relevant web placements that your prospective customers will be browsing.  Get your target market to see you as an innovative partner that delivers its message through a new and powerful medium.