Facebook Marketing Solutions:

Facebook, a platform with more than 700 000 Cyprus residents having profiles on it, is for many organizations the most important social mass media they can use to promote their brand, products and services. Socialway eServices Ltd has the experience and the expertise to form and apply complete Facebook marketing strategies that can take full advantage of a Facebook’s marketing potential. Facebook’s interface is ever changing and gets progressively more complicated with new features and possibilities added continously. With years of experience, we have the experience and expertise to tackle any issue on this platform.
Facebook marketing agency in Cyprus
Socialway’s aim is to target the market segment in Cyprus that is interested in your product or service and apply a cost effective strategy to achieve your goals. Goals can range from increasing brand awareness, boost specific product sales or just increase your page’s Likes. For each goal we employ a specific strategy that draws on our experience in what works in our market.

If you feel that you need help in maintaining your organization’s Facebook page so that it will receive the traffic it deserves, engage positively with your specific targeted audience as well as your customers and eventually generate sales, you are in the right place. Please see below a short presentation of our Facebook services along with some examples on what we have used to help some of our customers achieve their goals.  Do contact us by phone at 70002665 or email us if you need more information.

· Facebook Pages Customization:

By customizing your page you give the opportunity to your Facebook page visitors to better understand your business.  Facebook tabs are like having a mini website on Facebook with the ability to present your content in a photo gallery, video presentation, pdf menu presentation or ask for data via an online form. Socialway eServices has the expertise to design and develop your Business Facebook Page in order to achieve your goals.  Our competitive prices, attention to detail and tailor made solutions mark Socialway as your perfect partner in Cyprus for custom Facebook application development.
Facebook custom pages

· Facebook Competitions, Coupons and Sweepstakes:

Competitions and Sweepstakes are the most powerful tools for Facebook page traffic generation. With the correct strategy and promotion we can increase brand awareness and member engagement for your business. With the experience of running Facebook competitions and sweepstakes the last three years for the Cyprus market we can advise and implement the optimal application to serve your needs. Below you can see a sample of our portfolio.
Facebook competitions management in Cyprus

· Facebook Page Management Training:

Facebook training
Based on each client’s needs and objectives, we offer a training program in order to help maximize the efficiency of the interaction between your fans and your Facebook Page. Increasing the engagement on your page can be a goal by itself as going viral can boost number of fans and brand awareness. We will create for you a customized, sensible update strategy that produces results and makes you in the eyes of your members a trusted authority in your field. Below you can see some of our clients that took our Facebook page training program and which gave them the know-how to be able to update and maintain their page on their own.

· Facebook Advertising Campaigns:

We create and manage Facebook advertising campaigns aiming for the lowest possible cost and maximum return. Our aim is to identify the target market segment that is interested in your product or service in order to drive relevant traffic and achieve your general marketing strategy goals. Our experienced team has achieved to run campaigns for customers in Cyprus with cost per click (CPC) as low as €0.01. You don't need a magic formula to achieve this, just a consistent and relevant marketing strategy.
Low cost Facebook advertising

· Facebook Page Managing and Monitoring:

Facebook page management - Κύπρος

Under the directions of your marketing department we run an affordable program of monitoring and updating your Facebook page on your behalf.   We undertake day to day interaction, socially engaging your fan base while at the same time projecting a consistent, professional image of your organization.  

· Statistics Reports:

Facebook Insights statisitcs analysis

With insightful and qualitative analysis we strive to paint a clear picture of fan-page interaction.  Our Facebook ad reports will give you an understanding on what makes your customers click!

In addition, Facebook page insights can give us instant feedback of what people like most about the material we post and thus we can the updating strategy accordingly.

If you are looking for a complete solution to have your Facebook page work, contact us for a meeting to analyze your needs and create a marketing strategy!